Storm – 16″ E Balanced- Offset 852 010 8046

Smoothness of operation … with the beauty & strength of stainless steel …

Storm offset hinges are made from all 304 series stainless steel and the slide mechanism incorporates a concealed non-structural glass filled nylon sleeve for smoothness of operation. The offset hinge features a .078″ (2 mm) offset between the mounting holes of the frame and vent mounting holes. Most sizes are readily available and in stock.

Storm hinges are designed for applications with 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch typical stack height. Please refer to the details below for correct sizing information. Feel free to call our engineering department for sizing recommendations.

Shims are no longer available for storm hinges.

For hinges requiring a 45 degree opening angle, please contact Bronze Craft:  or call 603-883-7747.


Min Pack: 25 pr.

  • Available in stainless steel with a mill finish
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