Part #: Chrono

Sobinco is the leading innovator in the multi-point locking, dual-action window hardware market. The Chrono system can handle windows up to 286 lbs* (130 kg*) in weight with dimensions of 18″- 67″ (450 – 1700mm) width x 24″- 95″ (600 – 2400mm) height.

The Sobinco Chrono Standard system is designed to reduce assembly time by utilizing standardized connection rods. A trained installer can complete the installation of the Chrono hardware package in under 5 minutes.

The Chrono Plus system is also available and offers an increased level of security. For the highest level of security and impact protection, the Chrono Safe system can meet your needs.

The Chrono Bomb-Blast hardware presents the ultimate in protection against operable window impact and bomb-blast mitigation.

For more information, the Sobinco catalogs can be found here for your reference. Please contact the Bronze Craft engineering department for assistance in selecting the appropriate system for your application.

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