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Defender Egress Hinges

A superior self-balancing hinge range with unrivaled weather sealing providing natural ventilation on projecting top and side hung windows


  • Improved weather sealing and draught proofing performance from extended enclosed end cap and asymmetrical vent arm form when tested to BS 6375-1
  • Lipped slider for enhanced smooth operation
  • Easy friction adjustment without metal to metal contact
  • Unique robust cam friction device eliminates any risk of friction screw misuse
  • Slot-hole-slot vent fixing configuration for ease of adjustment and guaranteed fixing into reinforcement on PVC-u window frames
  • Enclosed end cap to prevent ingress debris and provide increased cavity tolerance
  • Available as high line variants for deeper profiles with cavities between 16 mm and 18 mm
  • Available as a slimline variant; engineered for narrower hardware channels
  • Available as a timber variant with reduced height end cap to minimize required routing.
  • Drilling jigs for all sizes available to order
  • Also available in 16″ & 17″ stack height
  • Add H6 16″ (For example EDSE12H6-EXP)
  • Add H7 17″ (For example EDSE12H7-EXP)
  • For austenitic variants add ‘A’ to end of part code


  • Long and reliable working life tested to 30,000 cycles
  • Available in ferritic 430* as standard or austenitic 304* stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • 10 Year Guarantee (details available upon request)
BC Part Number Hinge Size


(In) Stack Height


(In) Max Vent Weight


(lbs) Min Vent Height


(In) (In) Opening Angle (+/-2.5°)
 852 012 8646 311 12 13 0.51 22 48 300 11.70 0.46 80°
 852 006 8646 413 16 13 0.51 24 53 400 15.60 0.61 90°