Motorized Actuator Specifications

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1. System Design and Window Operators based on: Bronze Craft Corporation 37 Will Street, P.O. Box 788 Nashua, NH 03061-0788 Tel: (800) 488-7747 / (603) 883-7747 / Fax: (603) 883-0222

Contact: Alex Dusiavicius (ext. 3326)/ Marc Sirote (ext. 3325)

2. System Design and Products to be provided by Bronze Craft Corporation or approved equal (contact Bronze Craft for project specific system specifications):

A. 24vdc Motorized Operators.

B. 4 or 8 Motor Line Power Supplies.

C. Control switches.

D. All brackets and fastening screws.

E. Complete shop drawings provided by Actuator Supplier identifying window elevations and electrical schematics for installation of components. F. Windows exceeding 48”in width require two locking points, which may be accomplished with two synchronized operators.

3. Operators: A. Motorized Operators a. 24 vdc motors must meet manufacturer’s recommendations for window size and weights. Motors and all low voltage system components must be Underwriter Laboratory (UL) or Electronic Test Lab (ETL) recognized or listed. Operator housing must meet IP 20 class electronic protection. Window operator vendor must provide: shop drawings and components needed for low voltage system, including; appropriate sized motor, power supplies, switches, cover plates, brackets, pivot brackets, and all components as needed.

4. Installation: A. Voltage drop calculations must be performed by electrical installer when power supply locations are finalized by the Architect.

5. Entrapment Protection A. To prevent occupant entrapment, window operators should be located at least 8 feet above the finished floor. B. If the window location design calls for motorized operable windows below 8 feet above the finished floor, the windows must be protected with security screens to prevent entrapment. C. Screen and shade manufacturer/installer must coordinate with Window Operator vendor for fitting screens or shades without operator obstruction.

6. Warranty A. Warranty for materials shall be two years from substantial completion of installation.


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