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Ultraflex Control Systems (UCS) is an Italian manufacturing company with world-wide distribution of window control systems. The UCS catalogue offers a complete range of high quality window control products, able to satisfy every requirement.

Bronze Craft entered a Distribution and Design Partnership with UCS in 1999 and has enjoyed a prosperous relationship with our Italian partners ever since. We have completed hundreds of project designs with successful installations across North America and continue to work with UCS products daily. With Bronze Craft's engineering expertise and close communications with UCS, the products continue to improve and evolve to offer customers superior window systems and performance.

New_UCS_Product_Pictures_028.jpgPictured: Quasar 24vdc

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Specification Language for UCS Window Actuators:



Product Catalogs:

UCS Brochure


Electric Actuators:

Quasar 24vDC Window Actuator

Vega 24vDC Window Actuator

Twin Quasar 24vDC Window Actuator

Twin Vega 24vDC Window Actuator

Mechanical Actuator:

Mechanical Window Operator

Project References:

Completed Window Control System Projects

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