The Smart Window Sensor


The Smart Window Sensor is a solar powered wireless communication device for remote monitoring of ambient room conditions, window security and window performance. The Smart Window Sensor reduces energy expenses by improving energy management, human thermal comfort in all micro climates, and helps to prevent sick building syndrome.igda.jpg

The Smart Window Sensor monitors:

  • Light at the window (Lux)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity Level inside the window
  • Open/Closed state of the window
  • Locked/Unlocked state of the window

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Green Design: Solar Energy Harvesting eliminates the need for green.jpgbattery maintenance, replacement, or disposal. The ambient light sensor monitors lux levels of sunlight entering the window to better utilize the natural illumination of the room, reducing energy consumption.

Human Thermal Comfort: Temperature monitoring of the windowelevation.png reports solar gain and thermal loss data to allow the HVAC system to evenly adjust the room temperature across all micro climates, resulting in improved occupant comfort.

Reduced Expenses: The Smart Window Sensor allows for energy conservationmoney.png based on real time building environment information. Ambient lighting data from the windows can be used to adjust interior room lighting and even turn off excess lighting. Approximately 35% of a buildings energy usage is from its lighting. We have found an average savings of 30-40% on lighting usage with the Smart Window Sensor.

Multi Sensor Array: Monitoring humidity levels can aid in the prevention ofarray.jpg unsafe mold levels. Relative humidity, combined with temperature data, can be used to monitor window seal integrity over the life cycle of the window, resulting in energy savings and the prevention of sick building syndrome.

Security Monitoring: Quick connect terminals allow for security.jpgeasy installation of smart window hardware. Magnetic sensing provides real-time remote security monitoring and event logging for both opening/closing as well as locking/unlocking states of the window.

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