Message from Bronze Craft's CEO, Jim Bernard-Conflict Minerals Policy

Bronze Craft Corporation’s Conflict Minerals Policy in regard to Dodd-Frank Section 1502

Bronze Craft Corporation is a privately held company which does not file reports with the SEC under Sections 13 (a) or 15 (d) of the Exchange Act. According to the SEC flowchart summary of the final rule, this rule does not apply to the Bronze Craft Corporation. However, Bronze Craft views the intent of the rule a worthy goal and has made country of origin inquiries with suppliers which provide products containing the mineral; Tin. The remaining minerals covered under the rule, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold are not necessary to the functionality or production of our products.

We have conducted a review of our Material Safety Data records, required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s Hazard Communication rule and the State of New Hampshire’s workers Right to know rule regarding materials used in the work place, to determine which products contain conflict minerals.  We have contacted our suppliers of products containing these minerals to determine the sources. The tin bearing alloys we purchase, use commercially produced brass and bronze ingot sourced from United States based, secondary (scrap) smelters to manufacture our non-ferrous castings.  Our North American based ingot suppliers produce their ingot primarily from brass and bronze scrap with additions of pure metal only when necessary to bring the alloy into industry standard specifications.

Bronze Craft’s policy is to require metals used in the manufacture of tin bearing ingot to originate from non-conflict minerals countries.  Our ingot suppliers purchase tin, used in some alloys, from North American distributors and have received acknowledgements from those distributors that their tin does not originate in Conflict countries. Our ability to trace the source of tin down to the foreign smelter of origin is complicated due to the multi-tiered supply chains globalized markets have created, however, we have requested and obtained documentation from our ingot suppliers certifying avoidance of conflict country sources.

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